How do I know what my insurance will cover?

Premier Medical Group is affiliated with several plans, and a Patient Representative is always available to provide you with information regarding the clinic’s payment and insurance filing procedures. This person may be reached by calling 662-289-1800, and asking for the Patient Representative. As physicians specializing in Family Medicine, we care about the whole person, not just one complaint or disease. As a result, we encourage our patients to have regular annual exams so that we can look for previously undetected diseases or to make other preventive health recommendations. However, some insurers do not cover regular annual exams, or check-ups, because they are considered to be routine preventive services. Medicare, for instance, currently pays for certain preventive services such as yearly mammograms, Pap smears every three years, yearly flu shots, and screening colonoscopy. We do encourage our patients to take advantage of these benefits. Other insurers have varying plans, which may or may not include preventive services. Our Patient Representatives are here to help you navigate through the insurance process, and to assist you with any insurance questions that you may have.