Ayesha Khalid, M.D.


Premier Medical Group of Mississippi

1200 North State Street
The Belhaven Building
Jackson, Mississippi   39202
Location Phone: 601-352-2273
Location Fax: 601-353-4414

My Phone: 601-352-2273
Fax: 601-353-4414

Accepting new patients:

I am accepting new patients.

Primary Specialty:

Infectious Disease

Secondary Specialty:

Internal Medicine

Undergraduate Education:

MBBS : 1999
Rawalpindi Medical College, Pakistan


Internal Medicine : 2008

New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY

Affiliated with Weill Medical College of Cornell University



Infectious Disease : 2010
Kansas University Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas

Board Certifications:

Infectious Disease : 2010
American Board of Internal Medicine

In Practice Since:


Honors and Awards:

Senior of the Month : 2007
New York Methodist Hospital
Best PGY-II Ambulatory Resident : 2006
New Your Methodist Hospital


Herpes Folliculitis Masquerading as CA-MRSA (A very unusual presentation of a common disease) : 2010
Case report/Poster presented at Denver ACTHIV meeting.  Khalid A, Hammoud K, Hithorn D.
A Retrospective Review of the Incidence of Ocular Candidiasis in Candida Bloodstream Infection : 2010
Abstract, Poster presentation at IDSA meeting.  Khalid A, Eid A, Clough L.
Assessing the Response to Drainage for Biliary Leak: Falsely Positive HIDA Scan : 2007

Published:  American Journal of Gastroenterology; 200; 101; S298.  Presented:  American College of Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting.  Shahzad Iqbal, MD, Ayesha Khalid, MD, Lijun Weng, MD, Mohamad Mansour, MD.
Hyperferritinemia: An Acute Phase Reactant, Can Mask the Presence of Iron Deficiency Anemia : 2007
Case report presented to ACP poster competition.  Khalid A, Hassan S, Harvey D.
Evaluation of Perioperative Use of Cortisol in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Bypass Surgery
Manuscript in preparation.  Naim M, Khalid A, Gogineni J, Khan F.
Stethoscope of Hospital Worker as a Vector for tTfansmission of nNsocomial Microorganisms
Abolahrari S, Khalid A, Goldshteyn N, Colby S.