Patient Surveys

February, 2015

Number of procedures performed: 355
Number of surveys received: 47
1. Were you able to schedule your procedure with ease? 47
2. Were procedure instructions made clear? 46 1
3. Were financial obligations made clear? 44 3
4. Was parking for the facility accommodating? 46 1
5. Was the waiting period reasonable for the procedure? 46 1
6. Were you satisfied with the cleanliness of the facility? 47
7. Were you made to feel comfortable during your procedure? 47
8. Were you satisfied with the physician and nursing staff? 46 1
9. Were you treated with courtesy and respect? 47
10. Were you satisfied with the explanation of your results? 46 1
11. Would you be comfortable to recommend our facility to a friend? 46 1
12. If problems occur, would you know whom to call? 47
13. What did you like best/least about your experience?

· Nurses were respectful and accommodating. Dr. Charles Hall is always professional and caring.
· Dr. Brannan explanation of the procedure was great and very professional. He exhibited the qualities of a sound professional. Great job!
· Everyone was professional in their duties. They were friendly and supportive. Dr. Lee ranks as one of the best doctors in Jackson.
· Promptness
· Everyone was friendly and nice and really good to me.
· Everyone was very friendly, efficient and on time! Very comfortable environment and loved the warmed blankets.
· Professionalism
· Everything was fine.
· The efficiency of the staff. The smoothness of the procedure from the receptionist, the interim staff members, all the way to the physician.
· The nice and friendly staff and the excellence and professionalism of Dr. Shirley Donelson. See y’all in 5 years.
· The waiting area pretreatment was cold.
· Doctor and nurses were excellent – short wait time from arrival to procedure.
· I like how quick they get you in and out. Most of all how they treat you which was very good.
· Everybody was very friendly and tried to make you as comfortable as possible.
· The staff was so nice. You can’t meet a nicer and more down to earth doctor as Dr. Donelson. Facility and parking garage is easy to get in.
· Everything and everyone was very wonderful.
· There was no least about the facility.
· Staff is great. Very dedicated to patient comfort and putting me at ease.
· They were very nice and kind. They told me everything they were doing before they did it. If I ever have to go back, I will go to the same place. Keep up the good work – may God bless each of you.
· I had the wrong date and they saw me anyway – Thank God!!
· The feeling of being a real person – not a number – at every level. I felt I was personally cared for in a professional manner.
· Team Donelson – all. You show that you like working together and include the patient in your openness and confidence.
· I liked the feelings of confidence in my doctor, concern for my comfort, and the warm blankets.
· I was made to feel comfortable. Thank you.
· Making me feel comfortable.
· Courtesy of the doctor and nurses.
· All was good.
· The staff was great and glad for the outcome.
· Did not like the prep.
· Attitude of all personnel (warm blanket was good also).

· Was cold while waiting for procedure to begin.
· Colon prep needs updating. There has to be a better way out there!!!

Regarding your overall visit were you:
Very satisfied 43
Satisfied 2
Care acceptable 1
Not very satisfied
Very dissatisfied

· Very well managed and efficient medical facility – well trained professional staff.
· Both Baptist and Premier seem intent on continuous improvement in patient-facing aspects. No doubt it is the same in clinical and medical capabilities and expertise, and in facility management. Keep it up; it is working!